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Vexilar FLX-20


Price: $589.99

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The innovation starts with a 12V, 9-amp hour battery enclosed in the case along with a master power switch and additional power posts. The carrying case powers a FLX-20 Flasher with two AutoZoom zone options and an increased viewing angle during day or nighttime use. The simple to operate FLX-20 uses the patented Ice-Ducer® with self leveling transducer and a 20' Low Power range setting for use in shallow water or thick weeds and Power Saving Technology to give you more operating time.

  • FLX-20 Flasher has two AutoZoom zone options for zooming in on the bottom from either six or twelve feet along with an increased viewing angle
  • Power Saving Technology (PST) increases flasher usage on a single battery charge by 30%
  • Super-bright 3-color LED shows difference in strong (Red), medium (Orange) and weak (Green) targets
  • The specially designed Ultra Pack base has an enclosed battery compartment, Master On/Off power switch and external power posts
  • The high-profile base design allows easy access to the controls and great visibility while still fitting inside a five-gallon bucket for easy transportation
  • An integrated tackle box and adjustable rod holder are included on the base
  • Patented Ice-Ducer System is a self leveling transducer with float for accurate positioning


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