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Catch Cover Safety Lid Hole Grate


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Product Description -

Catch Cover Safety Cover

The Catch Cover Safety Cover prevents valuables from falling down an open hole.

Born of necessity; Catch Cover's Safety Cover keeps cell phones, keys, pets, and kids

from falling down an open fishing hole. The Safety Cover rests in the Catch Cover ring

and works with or without Hole Sleeves. The injection-molded honey-comb design

makes it strong enough for a 250lb adult to stand on, while maintaining airflow so the

hole doesn't ice up.

You can fish with Safety Cover in-place; it has a fishing line slot that runs to the center

of the cover for fishing with a rattle reel, bobber rig, or jigging while the Safety Cover is

on the hole. It also has a built-in base to use with our Rattlesnake Reel. The line slot

also works great for fish finder transducer and underwater camera cables.


• Diameter – 14"

Vendor part #CC09

UPC # 855305002545


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