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Used inventory

Looking for a bargain? We have several used Ice Castle RV/fishhouse in stock for less than $10,000. Financing is available to qualified buyers and can be arranged on the spot. Check out he units in stock and give us a call or stop in.

LED lights

We just added a line of LED flexible light strips to our accessories. These use the 3M indoor outdoor adhesive tape. Would love to see photo of the many applications of these light strips. Post your photos on our facebook page at Ice castle fish house. These work great to illuminate under counters, under bunks, and darker corners. Simply wire into your 12V system and enjoy.

RV Season

We are well stocked with RV units on both our Swanville and Little Falls Lot. Come check out the Ice N Land unit at Nilson's Hardware.

2017 units arriving every week.


Go to our inventory page and check out all our in stock units. Trades are welcome. We will gladly help you with custom orders as well.



Hot buys!

All 2016 and any 2015 carry over Ice Castle units are being blown out. Stop in at Monahan's or Nilson's Hardware for great pricing.

Storage checklist

Prior to parking your Ice Castle for summer storage or prepping for summer camping it is a good idea to go over your house.

Check out your cables, if they show any sign of rust or fraying, head off an emergency situation and replace them. These are available on our website accessories.

Grease all pivot points that are equipped with certs. Spray lubricant on any other points that move.

Car wash or pressure wash to clean off salt and grime, give a good coat of wax to the complete exterior. We like Ice Synthetic wax by Turtle Wax. It is easy to use and leaves a lasting coat. This is available in our accessories.

Wash down interior walls around each hole to remove any unseen "fish slime" or odor.

Clean out food storage areas and fridge if equipped with one.

Clean or shampoo carpets.

Wash down complete area around cooktop and counters.

Much of this seems obvious but I find a short checklist helps avoid forgetting.

Feel free to add any suggestions that you have found helpful.

Call to order or comment. 888-547-2241


Catch cover branded items

Go to our accessories page and check out our new line of Catch Cover branded fish house accessories. Now in addtion to the Ice Hole Buddy line we carry the Catch Cover line of hole covers, sleeves, rattle reels, rod holders and more.

We also have a very affordable 12V ceiling fan for under $20

discount coupons

Just added a coupon feature to our "shop online" pages. Watch our facebook pages for continued hot buy coupons.


Gen Den

Looking for a great way to protect you compact Generator? We are now a dealer of the Gen Den. This Product will protect the Compact Honda, Yamaha and other Compact Generators from the elements. Best of all you can attach you extended tank to the top of it. See our Website for more details.


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